"The brick just kind of melts." It Would Take a LEGO Tower 3.5Km High to Break the Bottom Brick


Wed, Dec 5th, 2012 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

In case you're wondering just how many LEGO bricks it would take before the sheer weight of the tower would crush the pieces below, the Open University's engineering department has, at the request of the BBC, found out. It would require 375,000 pieces of LEGO, stacked upon each other, making a tower 3.5Km high before the bottom piece would fail -- in a rather unremarkable manner, if I may add.

The average maximum force the bricks can stand is 4,240N. That's equivalent to a mass of 432kg (950lbs). If you divide that by the mass of a single brick, which is 1.152g, then you get the grand total of bricks a single piece of Lego could support: 375,000.

So, 375,000 bricks towering 3.5km (2.17 miles) high is what it would take to break a Lego brick.

"That's taller than the highest mountain in Spain. It's significantly higher than Mount Olympus [tallest mountain in Greece], and it's the typical height at which people ski in the Alps," Ian Johnston says (though many skiers also ski at lower altitudes).



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