Pope Benedict XVI Joins Twitter, Has Yet to Tweet Though


Tue, Dec 4th, 2012 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

According to the Ottawa Citizen, Pope Benedict XVI has joined Twitter under the handle of @Pontifex. You can reach his Holiness by using the #AskPontifex hashtag and, although he's yet to tweet anything, the Vatican promises pearls of wisdom as of December 12th.

Burke said the handle (at)Pontifex was chosen because it not only means pope in Latin, but also bridge-builder, suggesting unity. How often will the pope tweet? "As often as he wants," Burke said, adding that he hoped the tweeting would be frequent and regular.

While the pope will push the button himself on Dec. 12, subsequent tweets will be sent by someone in the Vatican's secretariat of state. They will, however, all be approved by the pope, officials said.

"It's always going to have his engagement and his approval," said Monsignor Paul Tighe, the No. 2 in the Vatican's social communications office. "Not physically, but from his mind."



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