"A professional playlist maker." The Man Who Picks the Music That Plays Inside Stores


Fri, Nov 30th, 2012 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

A professional playlist maker, explains NPR's Andrew Matson, is a man who carefully handpicks music for a mall or a store in order to create a branding that "feels like a natural extension of the physical stuff in the store." Amusingly, if done right, when you waltz into a place with a perfect soundtrack, you don't even notice the music.

Manio's job is [to] finds music and [use] it to create specific vibes or feels for companies. Sometimes he does it by placing songs in commercials. Mainly he goes through ceiling speakers in retail stores. He's a professional playlist maker.

When you walk into a store Manio has provided a playlist for, you don't notice the music right away. He's not trying to make it jump out at you. It swirls together with the wares for sale, the color of the walls and the attitude of the sales associates. It's part of a whole experience, the ideal confluence of purchaser/thing purchased. It's not just music for running shoes. It's music for winning races.

A good retail playlist can bring home the culture of a business and psychologically affect a customer in a way that doesn't feel pushy. And it's positive for the featured artists. In today's flooded climate, where new songs are published at a crazy rate on the Internet, having your song play in a Victoria's Secret, for instance, can help cut through the noise.



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