We Owe Modern Animation to the Beatles' 'Yellow Submarine'


Wed, Nov 21st, 2012 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

According to Josh Weinstein, writer of The Simpsons, we owe the rise of modern animation -- giving us Futurama, South Park, Toy Story, Shrek -- to the 1967 animated film Yellow Submarine. You can watch the original Beatles cartoon here, no psychedelics required.

here have been some excellent books about the making of the film (I highly recommend Inside the Yellow Submarine by Dr Robert Hieronimus), so rather than blab on about the back story, I would rather talk about what happened after the yellow sub surfaced in 1968 and shot its torpedoes through traditional animation. Because in my opinion, Yellow Submarine gave birth to modern animation itself.

Before Yellow Submarine, animation was a mild, goody-goody world of personality-free gloved mice and cartoon bears stealing picnic baskets. Only the Fleischer brothers in the 1930s dared to do really weird stuff with their early Popeye cartoons, and most of that is unknown to the general public. But after Yellow Submarine, it was a wholly different world. It wasn't just for kids. It was satire and art and, most of all, subversion.

Without Yellow Submarine there would never have been The Simpsons, no Futurama, no South Park, no Toy Story, no Shrek. No animated anything that enables us to laugh at ourselves while being highly entertained.



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