Natalie Luder's Bacon Scarf


Mon, Nov 19th, 2012 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Swiss-based artist Natalie Luder has these limited edition bacon scarfs for sale. As she explains in her statement:

My works are examining different aspects of jewellery in our society. In that sense I rather do research than market oriented jewellery design.
My work is often inspired by topics of the realm of food culture. The comparison of appearance and reality, nature and culture, as well as the discussion about good and bad taste are fascinating aspects to me. Such categories can be applied to both food and ornament.
The spirit of sugar and ornament are quite similar, one pleases the eye whereas the other is a delight for the taste-buds. The large quantity of recipes available to us, tell about our highly developped and specialised sense of taste. Is there a sense in arguing about good taste?
The German expression "man ist, was man isst" (you are what you're eating) characterises an identity-generating component of food that can be very well assigned to jewellery too. In terms of a trophy the wearer overtakes the qualities of the slaid animal and blazons himself with the heroic hunting story. In doing so you can very well adorn yourself with borrowed plumes, this is, again, a question of taste.



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