Oakley Airwave: GPS Enabled Ski Goggles, Play Music and Let You Check Your Email


Wed, Nov 7th, 2012 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

While not exactly Google's Project Glass, the Oakley Airwave features a display that integrates GPS, Bluetooth and "more with a host of onboard sensors to give you instant access to a world of information." Because nothing says "I'm cool" like checking your email while skiing tackling a slope. Just don't hit a tree on your way down.

It is the gadget that every workaholic will be clamouring for -- a pair of ski goggles that let you read your emails while on the slopes.

The £500 Oakley Airwave has a fighter pilot-style screen on the inside of the lens, displaying a skier's speed, location, altitude and distance travelled as they zoom down the slopes.

The goggles can also connect to an iPhone or Android phone or tablet, transmitting incoming calls to an earpiece.

Text messages or emails can be beamed straight onto the screen in front of the skier's eyes.

Users can play music stored on their phone, flicking through playlists with a wireless controller worn on the wrist.



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