"The only reason to vote for Romney would be to get the end of the world over and done with already." Taking LSD at a Romney Rally


Tue, Nov 6th, 2012 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

Phawker's Jamie Davis took LSD and then promptly went to see Romney in one of his campaign's rallies. It doesn't look like he had a lot of fun and it wasn't because of the acid trip.

Acid in a place like this is a very risky move, especially for someone who has no real reason to be there in the first place, who believes the only reason to vote for Romney would be to get the end of the world over and done with already. However, so far I smell no danger here. I'm wearing maroon corduroy pants, Morgan has green pants and classic Reeboks, and Sasha's hat has giant puffy balls on the end of his tassles. We decided to come after I found out the Marshall Tucker Band we're going to be here, and that they were bringing their flutist. I roused Morgan from our bed by singing a few lines of "Can't You See" and plied Sasha with text messages. Soon we were moving down 276 at quite a clip, LSD tabs were being applied, and strange vapors released.

Some in attendance openly questioned our intentions. A fiftysomething lady standing behind us speaks to another lady next to her.

"Why are they here?"

"Well. they're young people. They want to see the next president! They're not foolish, they know that this is history!"

Is that why I'm here? I begin to wonder, myself. Why am I here? These people are gonna eat me!



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