Gatekeeper's EXO: Experiencing Music as a Video Game


Tue, Nov 6th, 2012 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

The electronic band Gatekeeper has launched a video game calledEXO which allows the listener to play a game -- of sorts -- travelling from one insanely beautiful dream-like landscape to another while the LP EXO acts as the soundtrack. Psychedelic.

Last week, Robak released his video game experience for Exo, a project almost a year in the making. Less so a traditional game experience that may require shooting enemies or collecting gold coins, Robak has instead created a virtual world for each track that immerses listeners in his visual interpretation of Gatekeeper's tunes. The gameplay has more in common with indie darlings like Journey or Proteus, graphically lush audio-visual experiences that let users wander through strange and wonderful worlds that ignite the player's imagination. Influences from Robak's childhood growing up in Portland can be seen in the landscapes he's created -- towering mountains and canyons, dense verdant forests, shimmering waterfalls -- all done up in what he calls his "Desktop Wallpaper aesthetic."



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