"When someone presents a jar of God, [science] will test it."


Tue, Nov 6th, 2012 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

After arguing against the existence of God, British comic, actor and filmmaker Ricky Gervais took emails from readers at The Wall Street journal where he explains how science isn't busy proving the non-existence of anything supernatural. Instead, the day someone is able to present evidence on God's existence, science will do all it can to follow it.

Science doesn't concern itself with the non-existence of something. The periodic table of imaginary things would be too big for a classroom- infinitely big in fact, and rather pointless. It's not trying to prove the non-existence of anything supernatural. All it knows is there is no scientific proof of anything supernatural so far. When someone presents a jar of God it will test it. If it finds some evidence of "godness" it will follow the evidence till it knows everything it can.

The fact that science can say "we don't know" is exactly my point. Science doesn't start with a set of convenient conclusions and try to justify them. It follows evidence. In fact, it tries to prove itself wrong. When it can't, it's right. Superstition, religion and blind faith cherry pick the evidence and justify the results by changing the goal posts. There are no cover-ups in science. For better or worse it finds stuff out. It has no moral code as such. It leaves those decisions to society. It discovers life saving drugs but leaves it up to you whether to use them or not. It discovers that splitting the atom can release a massive amount of energy very quickly and leaves it up to governments to try it out or not. It finds out what and how and why. It asks can we? Not should we? This is why it baffles me that some god fearers believe that without a god there is no reason to be good. Really?



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