Disney Buys LucasFilms, Star Wars Episode 7 Scheduled in 2015


Wed, Oct 31st, 2012 13:06 by capnasty NEWS

According to MTV, George Lucas is no longer the person behind Star Wars: Mickey Mouse is. And Disney has announced that Episode 7 will be released by 2015.

Maybe Disney will finally give Darth Vader what has long been missing in Star Wars: a version of Alladin's Iago to follow him around -- tiny little black helmet and all -- spewing nasty little remarks while his dark master kills rebels. Oh, the hilarity. What? Can't be much worse than Jar Jar.

Has the Empire won? Like, did Luke and Leia and Han and everyone fail and all that is wrong in the world is happening now? Let's not get carried away. Disney's "Star Wars" is a scary idea, sure, but it's not necessarily a bad one. Heck, it might even be a good one. Think about the possibilities: Pixar-animated "Star Wars" yarns, the unaltered original trilogy on Blu-ray (where Lucas was stubborn on this point, Disney will only see dollar signs), and brand new adventures starring some of the most iconic characters in the history of cinema. More "Star Wars" comes with lots of risk, but also lots of potential reward. As Yoda so wisely called it: "Do, or do not. There is no try." For better or worse, Disney is doing it. And that takes some seriously sized space-balls.

Will the new Star Wars movie suck as bad as the prequel? Maaaaaybe. Reportedly, Georgie-boy is retiring, so that might mean that a movie on special effects may be replaced with something watchable actually about Star Wars. But -- because there is always a but -- Steven Spielberg is still involved, and we've seen what he's done to the last Indiana Jones movie.

Under the agreement, Kathleen Kennedy, Steven Spielberg's producing partner who was named co-chair of Lucasfilm in June, will become president of the company within Disney. Lucas has been discussing retirement in recent months, particularly when Kennedy's position was announced, and even though Iger noted that Lucas will stay on as an adviser for the new Star Wars trilogy, he is moving forward toward retirement.



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