For Halloween, Dress Up Like a Green Plastic Toy Soldier


Fri, Oct 5th, 2012 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

If you're at a loss for ideas for this upcoming Halloween, insanely clever (and funny) designer Rebekah Tennis shows you how to create a costume to make your little ones look like a green plastic army guy, complete with support base!

...I give you one Toy Army Guy.

Remember the little green plastic army men your brother used to play with? Or if not, remember the Toy Story series making them famous again?

Well, Cameron really wanted to be an army guy (I think he was imagining he might get a gun out of the bargain). Easy. Camo shirt and pants, right? But I decided to take it a step further and make him into the army guy he was imagining -- the green plastic one.



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