Giorgia Zanellato's Space Food


Fri, Sep 28th, 2012 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Italian product designer Giorgia Zanellato -- currently working at Fabrica's design department and Benetton's communication research centre -- put together this tongue-in-cheek approach to space-age nutrition with her Space Food piece. The above image is courtesy of Giorgia herself.

I'm a product designer born in Venice in 1987.
I started my design studies at IUAV University of Venice where I developed a strong understanding at the functionality of objects and based my design around this. After the bachelor I wanted to develop my design by focusing on the shape of the object. In 2009 I moved to ECAL to improve my drawings skills. For my master project I wanted to investigate a part of design that I wasn't familiar with. I did my thesis about "Soprammobili" which means ornaments knick knacks in italian. I wanted to understand how and with which criteria to design an ornament. I was used designing my objects around the limit of its function and materials. The research I did in two years was about how to design an object that has no limits, no rules to follow, but just visual and emotional aspects which change from person to person.



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