Audi's 'Experience Quattro' First-Person Slot Racing


Thu, Sep 27th, 2012 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

What a great little marketing idea from Canadian agency Zulu Alpha Kilo: create an Audi-themed slot-cars track where customers could drive miniature Audis and see from within the car thanks to cameras inside the model. The French-site Supercharged has this great gallery of photos. The nearly incomprehensible translation below is courtesy of Google.

Grand Slot racing enthusiast, I totally fell for this excellent initiative from Audi and its Canadian agency Zulu Alpha Kilo, which attempt to capture the attention of executives still "overbookés", created this amazing circuit electric cars directly located in the business district of Toronto. Allowing business men "test" site on the exceptional road holding of the new Quattro - slot lovers regret the sudden presence of a strong magnet too - using an iPad which broadcasts live view from inside the vehicle while the control, the project extends site that shows the best timing online. All details in images and video after the jump!



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