Carolina Fontoura Alzaga's Recycled Bicycle Chandeliers


Wed, Sep 26th, 2012 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

Remarkable to watch Carolina Fontoura Alzaga turn old salvaged bikes into stunning chandeliers.

Beneath it all was a small-framed person hunching over something on a table, with a bandana covering her face and a large welding mask on her head. The sound of air compressors and hammering coming from the building drowned out whatever introduction was made. Even after the helmet and bandana came off, it was difficult to know what was being said, though I did manage to get across the idea that I wanted to take some pictures. The woman that emerged from underneath the protective layers seemed more than happy to oblige.

Caro makes painstakingly intricate chandelier sculptures and lighting fixtures from bicycle parts that she salvages from scrap metal yards and bicycle shop dumpsters all around Los Angeles. In making this profile, I was struck by how her social and political consciousness are woven into her life and work.



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