Disney's Research Hub Showcases their Physical Face Cloning for Animatronic Characters


Mon, Sep 17th, 2012 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

When Boston Dynamic will start making androids, they'll easily be able to make them look human with Disney's Research Hub Work on emulating human facial expressions. I'm telling you, the robots are coming! In a couple of years they'll be all around doing stuff for us and we'll wonder how we managed to live life without them.

We propose a complete process for designing, simulating, and fabricating synthetic skin for an animatronics character that mimics the face of a given subject and its expressions. The process starts with measuring the elastic properties of a material used to manufacture synthetic soft tissue. Given these measurements we use physics-based simulation to predict the behavior of a face when it is driven by the underlying robotic actuation. Next, we capture 3D facial expressions for a given target subject. As the key component of our process, we present a novel optimization scheme that determines the shape of the synthetic skin as well as the actuation parameters that provide the best match to the target expressions. We demonstrate this computational skin design by physically cloning a real human face onto an animatronics figure.



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