Is That a Monkey in Your Pants or Are You Just Happy to See Me?


Fri, Sep 14th, 2012 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

No, sir, it's a monkey all right. A passenger was stopped at Indira Gandhi International airport for trying to board a flight with a monkey in his underwear.

Why Some Men Throw Like Girls. According to The Washington Post, there is a "gender throwing gap" between boys and girls that starts at about age 15. The solution? Practice makes perfect.

"It only takes a couple of loonies a few seconds to kick off a miniature war in the Muslim world." Robert Fisk of The Independent, calls acts like the release of the movie Innocence of Muslims the acts of provocateurs who "know that politics and religion don't mix in the Middle East."

So another internet clever-clogs sets the Middle East on fire: Prophet cartoons, then Koranic book-burning, now a video of robed "terrorists" and a fake desert. The Western-Christian perpetrators then go into hiding (an essential requisite for publicity) while the innocent are asphyxiated, beheaded and otherwise done to death ? outrageous Muslim revenge thus "proving" the racist claims of the trash peddlers that Islam is a violent religion.

Drunk Man Falls on Subway Tracks, Gets Robbed and Left There to Die. What surprises me about this story is not that someone would steal from someone and leave them to be hit by a subway train. What surprised me is that it didn't happen in New York City but in Stockholm, a place I thought was far more civilised than the rest of the world.

Rapper Tweets About Being Drunk While Driving, Dies Shortly After. Moments after sending the tweet you see above, the car makes the acquaintance of a brick wall. Are the Darwin Awards taking any more nominations for this year?

Virgin births common, not unusual. Although we're not going to get the second (or third) coming of Jesus, a study discovered that invertebrates are able to asexually reproduce without the help of a male, in a process called parthenogenesis.



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