"Islam is a cancer, period." Film Attacking Prophet Muhammad Sparks Angry Protests


Wed, Sep 12th, 2012 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

The attacks by Islamic gunmen on the U.S. Consulate in Lybia which killed the ambassador and three staffers were the result of angry protests against a film titled Innocence of Muslims. The "film," which allegedly attacks and ridicules prophet Muhammad, had a 5 million dollars budget, most of which probably went on the, uh, stunning special effects and what appears to be Gandalf. Oh, and the director turned out to be a known California felon.

The movie, "Innocence of Muslims," was directed and produced by an Israeli-American real-estate developer who characterized it as a political effort to call attention to the hypocrisies of Islam. It has been promoted by Terry Jones, the Florida pastor whose burning of Qurans previously sparked deadly riots around the world.

[...] The film claims Muhammad was a fraud. An English-language 13-minute trailer on YouTube shows an amateur cast performing a wooden dialogue of insults disguised as revelations about Muhammad, whose obedient followers are presented as a cadre of goons.

It depicts Muhammad as a feckless philanderer who approved of child sexual abuse.

Reportedly, the actors involved were told this movie was about Egypt, and featured the title Desert Warriors. CNN is also now reporting that "U.S. officials speaking on condition of anonymity say they believe the attack that killed four Americans in Benghazi was not prompted by the film" and that "The video or 9/11 made a handy excuse and could be fortuitous from their perspective, but this was a clearly planned military-type attack." As a result, drones have been reportedly dispatched to the area.

And while not all Muslims endorse the violence, The Onion summed up this situation perfectly well with this image.



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