Rethinking U.S. Road Signs


Thu, Aug 23rd, 2012 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

The IconEye Magazine Online has this article on redesigned U.S. road signs done by Manual Creative. The new look is very modern, cleaner and gives a surprisingly consistent amount of information in the most minimal of fashion. The stylised arrows give the signs a nice European touch.

The current use of shields of varying width feels dated and too "police state", so we have abandoned them in the main system. However, we have retained a simplified shield for historic routes (such as Route 66), as we appreciate they may have a certain Americana charm.

We have introduced a simplified, rectangular numerical system that saves space on the signs and can be placed more consistently. The rounded sign corners are replaced by sharp edges.

Arrows are consistently sized and used only in 90 or 45 degree rotations, while a diagonal graphic element is introduced to draw the eye to exit instructions. The typography is set in Akkurat Bold.



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