Normalize: the Anti-Instagram App


Wed, Aug 22nd, 2012 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

The Normalize app is quite literally the anti-Instagram filter. Throw at it any image that's been manipulated in any which way and it will return the image back to what it should have looked like in the first place. Maybe even better.

Normalize is the fast, easy way to bring new life to dull photos! The image-improving techniques used by this user-friendly application make colors more vibrant and hard to see details stand out like never before. It also effortlessly reverses the effects of filters applied by other applications!

The smart algorithm that powers Normalize automatically improves your photo without you ever having to make tedious manual corrections. It will improve all kinds of photos - even those that are dark, yellow, or already have filters applied to them. You can even copy and paste photos into Normalize to instantly begin transforming them without ever having to save unnecessary photos to your library or photo stream.



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