UC Davis Pepper-Spray Officer Fired, 83 Million Facebook Profiles are False, US Wants Control of the Net and Other News


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Casually Pepperspraying Clockwork Orange Style

UC Davis Pepper-Spray Officer Fired. Remember the incident at UC Davis, where campus police officer Lt. John Pike was seen casually pepper-spraying students engaged in a non-violent protest? Despite being cleared by an internal panel, was fired from his job for "ignoring orders to use minimum force".

83 Million Facebook Profiles Are False According to Facebook, 8.7% of it's 955 million global users were bogus, "including millions created for users' pets and a large number of accounts the company deems 'undesirable'."

What were deemed "user-misclassified" profiles amounted to 2.4%, almost 23m, where Facebook says "users have created personal profiles for a business, organisation or non-human entity such as a pet".

Finally, "undesirable" profiles accounted for the remainder, about 14m, which are deemed to be in breach of Facebook's terms and conditions. The company said this typically means accounts that have been set up to send spam messages or content to other Facebook users.

United Nations Wants the United States to Hand Over Control of the Internet. The United States don't think so.

But some are calling for the treaty to be given more than a quick modernisation. Some nations are calling for control of the internet's technical specifications to be taken away from a select group of non-profit US companies, and handed over to the UN's International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

But Terry Kramer, head of the US delegation to the WCIT, doesn't agree. "The United States believes that the existing multi-stakeholder institutions, incorporating industry and civil society, have functioned effectively and will continue to ensure the health and growth of the internet and all of its benefits," he said.

The International Olympics Committee Is Corrupt. And, according to Chris Lehmann of New York Observer, more interested in filling its own pockets than anything else.



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