Abloy Finnish Padlocks: Locks With a Brass-Body and Rotating Lock Washers


Fri, Jul 20th, 2012 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

The German Manufactum website has for sale these Finnish Abloy Padlocks, which feature a set of rotating lock washers rather than your standard cylindrical lock pins. The brass body gives them a nice vintage look.

Unusually, these locks, because you do not lock mechanism with the standard cylindrical lock pins, but with rotating lock washers. Disc locks are widely used in Finland, with us they are contracted only used in an industrial context. They stand beside their attractive form of technical advantages. The flat plates can be placed directly behind each other, which optionally allows a high building density or a low height. Disc locks are sturdy and well suited for outdoor use. Coming up are the first locks of this type end of the 19th Century. Almost as long as the manufacturer is concerned Assa Abloy with them who is in the locking-plate technology has become one of the world's leading companies.



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