Park My Smart: One man challenging NYC streets with his smart car


Tue, Jul 17th, 2012 10:00 by capnasty NEWS

Parking in New York City sounds like a tedious task that turns any reasonable driver into a creature that would make Freddie Kruger say, "woah, that's not very nice." Case in point, a Tumblr blog documenting the adventures of one man finding parking in the city using his trusty Smart Car. You can feel his bitterness towards awful drivers seeping through each experience he encounters:

People should learn how to drive. If you're on 9th avenue at 9AM traffic, you shouldn't be driving numb. This guy was 2 cars ahead of me and driving 15mph. I don't know if he was sleeping, talking on the phone or just chilling.

Fast forward, we turned to 9th Av. and this guy was right in front of me. He was driving so numb, I didn't want him in front of me and commented to my GF on the passenger seat "This guy is driving too slow". After 10 seconds, left lane was available and I changed lanes. At the same time, the car in front of him stopped, instead of stopping, this dude decided to pass him without checking his mirrors. So I slammed on the brakes in order not to hit him and honked. Because I suddenly braked, the guy behind me couldn't stop and he swerved around me. At that time I heard a very weird noise and I thought it was the ABS working.

When I came to park the car, I saw that it was not the ABS. The car behind me scraped my bumper.



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