Jalopnik's Great Headlight Quiz


Mon, Jul 16th, 2012 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

When I drive at night, I am prompt in recognizing what model and make the car behind me is. If it's a Crown Victoria, chances are my plates are being run to see if my 22-year-old car actually belongs to the local Warlord. When it is discovered that, no, I am not a criminal mastermind, they'll start tailgating hoping that I will speed up -- meanwhile, I'll do just the opposite. Ten minutes of this, and they eventually get bored and pass me, the word POLICE perfectly legible on the side, at twice the speed limit and disappear in the distance.

How good are your skills in recognizing cars solely by headlights alone? Jalopnik has put together this great little quiz featuring modern cars and some from a by-gone era, giving you the chance to determine what is what.

So here we go: 12 simple images, showing the headlight/parking/fog light patterns of randomly selected cars, from roughly the '60s to present day. The lights are stock lights only, and all possible lights are illuminated -- as in high beams on, and both front indicators lit, even if they wouldn't normally be for cars that don't use them as parking lights. You get the idea.



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