11 Months, 3000 Pictures and a Lot of Coffee: the Taking of a Car Engine Completely Apart


Wed, Jul 4th, 2012 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

Great little video showing a car's engine completely stripped down to its most basic components -- and put back together.

Started out as just a collection of snaps as I stripped down an engine bought off ebay. (To replace my old engine, which had suffered catastrophic failure). The snaps were so that I remembered how everything went, so I could put it back together again.

Then I realised it'd be quite cool to make it an animation. found some suitable music, rekindled my ancient knowledge of Premiere, storyboarded it, shot it as I worked on the engine (my poor DSLR got covered in engine oil), this was the result.

And hey, this is news item #7,000.



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