@textadventurer: Two Twitter Bots Playing Zork


Wed, Jun 27th, 2012 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

defective yeti's Matthew Baldwin created @textadventurer, a bot that issues Zork commands, and @zork_i, another bot that answers back with what was found. You can follow their exchange on textadventurer.org and read about the project here.

I created the @textadventurer twitterbot to help myself learn the Twitter API. Originally it did nothing but tweet Zork commands, taken from a walkthrough. I was its sole follower.

Oddly, I really enjoyed seeing the text adventurer wander through my twitter feed every hour or so. And when he would tweet, say, "go north," I would find myself curious as to where he was headed. So I eventually created the companion account @zork_i, rebooted @textadventurer, and introduced them to one another. Now they are playing out Zork I in its entirety.



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