Apple Sets the Screen of Each Laptop in its Stores At Exactly the Same Angle


Thu, Jun 21st, 2012 10:00 by capnasty NEWS

Megan Garber of The Atlantic brings to attention an upcoming book by Carmine Gallo who explains the unnoticeable but disturbingly precise inner workings of an Apple Store, a place designed down to the millimitre to look like a relaxing and appealing environment you want to be in.

In the sea of horror and despair that is the American shopping mall, the Apple Store is often a singular source of refuge. Check your email -- for as long as you want! Play a game of Angry Birds -- on the iPad of your choice! Ask a bearded blue-shirt named Jon anything at all about about the new MacBook Pro -- he'd be totally happy to talk about whatever!

Beneath all the chillness and chirpiness, though, is a consumer destination whose whimsy is the result of painstaking calibration. Think Disney World's underground tunnels, except with all the draconianism out on display and integral to the whole aesthetic. The products placed on blond-wood tables at precisely measured intervals. The reservations-only appointment system at the Genius Bar. The Five Steps of Service. The fact that Jon's beard is trimmed to a uniform three inches. It takes a lot of work to stay this relaxed.



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