The Symphony for Dot Matrix Printers


Fri, Jun 8th, 2012 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Twitter follower @elleinad_ brings to attention this video titled The Office Suite, a musical symphony where the only instruments are old dot matrix printers. Those printers go side by side with the sounds modems made. If I miss anything about them it's not because they were better, but because printer companies weren't trying to rip you off with the insane cost of ink.

The Office Suite is an audio-visual installation conceived for a gallery space based on the artists' earlier performance work entitled Symphony for dot matrix printers. In The Office Suite, the logic of obsolescence and automation has been applied not only to technology but also to people. The workers (i.e. performers) have been rendered completely redundant in a completely automated environment, a performance without performers.

[The User] is a contemporary art collective based In Montreal [Canada] and comprised of architect and installation artist Thomas McIntosh, and composer and sound artist Emmanuel Madan. The duo's collaborative projects re-imagine relationships between technological systems, culture and human experience in striking ways.



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