Cat + Quadrotor = Catcopter


Mon, Jun 4th, 2012 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

Dutch artist Bart Jansen is creating quite a stir with his Orvillecopter: an embalmed cat stuffed with a quadrotor. Despite the artist's message, some people are calling him sick. You be the judge.

How's one to comment on that when the Internet is more obsessed with cats? Well, by coming the two, of course. I'm not sure that Dutch artist Bart Jansen had political commentary in mind when he created the Orvillecopter -- combining feline roadkill with a quadrotor, and naming it after Orville Wright -- but indeed it's art, whose meaning will lie in the eye of the beholder. And for those that say stitching up a dead animal around the guts of a helicopter and flying it around is "sick," what of the massive drone industry, which, more than just producing a symbol, is actually creating flying death?



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