"There is no Miami Zombie Apocalypse, just mentally ill people with no safety net." Enough With the Zombie Apocalypse Meme


Fri, Jun 1st, 2012 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

With the arrival of 'bath salts' -- a new drug that labels itself as something you'd pour in a bathtub but is actually intended to be snorted, smoked or injected -- the so called "zombie epidemic," points out Jezebel's Lindy West, isn't a laughing matter at all.

[...] please stop aggregating gruesome crimes committed by mentally ill and/or drug addicted people so you can make some big har-har zombie punchline on your Facebook wall. Zombies are not real. Human beings are.

So a guy ate another guy's face. That sounds pretty wacky, until you consider the fact that a guy ate another guy's face. To someone, somewhere, this isn't a remote story about some weirdos on the news -- it's an immediate, close, howling pain. And to turn that pain into a cheap joke (and not even a particularly good joke) is irresponsible and inhumane. As Richard Lawson at the Atlantic Wire put it:

It's a real, sad, terrible thing that happened. All those other catastrophes are real too. Stringing together a bunch of awful tragedies for the purpose of making a lazy listicle is so checked-out and blase and insensitive that it's, well, kinda disgusting...Just maybe try not to be so excited that some poor man had his face chewed off by a naked drug addict who still had bits of flesh in his mouth when he was shot and killed.

Or, I don't know, maybe I should make a hilarious meme about the time your mom died! She's probably a ghost now! Ha ha, you and your stupid ghoul mom. 75 dickheads "liked" this.

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