InstaCRT: the Worlds First Real World Camera Filter


Thu, May 31st, 2012 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

InstaCRT is a "real world" filter for photos where the effects are real and not digitally applied. Simply take a photo with the app, wait as it goes to Sweden, appears on a CRT screen, a camera takes a photo of your photo and then it is sent back to you. Some seriously clever programming.

When I joined the project, Ruben Broman and Erik Wåhlström were more or less already done connecting all the hardware and had the screen working as a regular external screen connected to his old laptop. The same night I hacked together a funny looking Ruby script that fetched images from a ftp server, downloaded them and showed them in fullscren on the old CRT display while a Canon 7D took the photo. We managed to get it up and running the same night and even had time to throw together a quick iPhone application that uploads the photos to the ftp server. This early version of the project used the Ruby script, Image Capture (built into OS X) and QuickTime 7 to display the photo in fullscreen on the little display. The day after I added a Tumblr uploader so the photos get published on the blog.



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