Pantone's Colour Forecasting


Mon, Apr 30th, 2012 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

Lead by David Shah, a British-born, Amsterdam-based designer, Pantone's colour forecaster try to figure out which colour will be "the new black."

Twice a year, in some European capital, in a room purposely chosen to be drab and sparse -- so as not to influence the color mood -- Shah gathers a stable of colorists, each of whom works with his or her own country's national color groups (who traditionally have worked with textile companies and others to set color standards), as well as consulting with companies ranging from Airbus to Zara to Union Carbide. Where the rest of us see black, these are people who talk about the "family of black." Over two days, they will each pitch a palette concept, organized roughly around a theme that has been chosen in advance (this time, it's "unity"), that they believe will be dominant in Spring/Summer 2013. The results are published in Pantone View, a $750 publication that is purchased by companies across a broad consumer landscape, from fashion designers to supermarket chains to the floral industry. ("Everybody's into white flowers at the moment," Shah tells me, "there are definitely movements, even in flowers.")



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