Musical Fuck You to Norwegian Killer


Fri, Apr 27th, 2012 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

In response to Anders Behring Breivik derision for the song Children of the Rainbow, over 40,000 Norwegians joined forces to sing the song at a square near the courthouse where Breivik is on trial.

Breivik mentioned the tune as an example of how he believes "cultural Marxists" have infiltrated its schools and weakened its society. He claimed the song had been used to brainwash the country's youth into supporting immigration.

From the article on Chron:

Breivik has admitted setting off a bomb on July 22 outside the government headquarters that killed eight people, and then going on a shooting rampage at the Labor Party's annual youth camp on Utoya island, killing 69 others, mostly teenagers.

Shocked by Breivik's lack of remorse for his massacre, Norwegians by and large have decided the best way to confront him is by demonstrating their commitment to everything he loathes. Instead of raging against the gunman, they have manifested their support for tolerance and democracy.



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