David Smith's InstaBackup: Backup all your Instagram Photos


Sun, Apr 15th, 2012 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

Not everyone has embraced the news of Facebook buying Instagram -- actually, I don't think anyone has. For this reason, David Smith, an independent iOS and Mac developer based in Herndon, VA, is providing the masses with InstaBackup, a simple tool that allows you to backup all your Instagram photos directly to your computer.

My personal future with Instagram is unclear, but whether I stay with them or not I wanted to get a backup of my images out of Instagram's servers and safely onto my Mac.

So I whipped up a simple Mac app to backup your pictures. I provide it here free for your use. Simply login with your Instagram credentials and it will pull down all the images you have taken with Instagram.

Sadly no version for Linux or Windows is available.



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