God Has Killed More People Than Satan


Sat, Apr 14th, 2012 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

In this Open Salon blog titled No Longer Quivering, Vyckie Garrison reviews Steve Wells' Drunk With Blood, a book that enumerates the number of people God killed versus those killed by Satan. According to the book, and using solely Biblical numbers, God has killed almost 2.5 million people. Satan? A nimble ten.

In the introduction, author Steve Wells, explains how he came up with the numbers ~ he only uses the actual #s from the bible. For instance, in the story of Job ~ God gave Satan permission to kill all of Job's children & servants. The bible says he had 10 children. Since he was a wealthy man, Job probably had more servants than children ~ but "Drunk With Blood" doesn't count the servants' deaths. Which means that these numbers that Steve Wells came up with are actually under-representative of the # of people killed by God.

Steve explains that he also didn't include FUTURE killings ~ those promised by God in Revelation ~ since they haven't happened yet.



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