How Much Coffee You Need to Drink Before You Croak


Mon, Apr 9th, 2012 10:00 by capnasty NEWS

The Energy Fiend website offers this handy little test that can quickly tell you just how much coffee you need to drink before it kills you. As an avid espresso drinker, I'd need to brew just over 220 cups.

Making myself 220 cups of espresso does seem like a lot of work, though. Fortunately Starbucks makes killing yourself with caffeine (and sugar) nice and easy with a highly customisable $23.60 Trenta drink. Check out this drink that Logan Warren, a 22-year-old tech entrepreneur and student, created:

Here's how his one drink bill broke down: one Java Chip Frappucino ($4.75), plus 16 shots of espresso($12), a shot of soy milk(.60), a drop of caramel flavoring(.50), a scoop of banana puree($1), another scoop of strawberry puree(.60), a few vanilla beans(.50), a dash of Matcha powder(.75), some protein powder(.50) and a caramel and mocha drizzle to cap it off(.60).

Altogether, Warren's Franken-Frap cost $23.60, making it the most expensive Starbucks concoction money (or coupons) can buy. That's not counting the well-deserved tip for his barista co-conspirators.

But how did it taste? "Tolerable," according to Warren, "but not good. Imagine a coffee-based health food smoothie that will put you in the hospital if you drink it all."



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