In-Depth Strategy for Solving Hangman


Sun, Apr 8th, 2012 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

DataGenetics' president Nick Berry has obviously put a lot of work and thought behind this strategy guide on how to guess the first letter in Hangman correctly. I'm serious: there's graphs and diagrams and stuff I don't even understand.

As I'm reading, Nick asks, as if mocking my feeble mind:

Next, you probably graduated to learning that not all letters are used equally. It's rare that the letter 'Q' appears in a word, whereas 'T' is used a lot more often.

Once you get just a couple of letters of in a hangman puzzle, the game becomes easier. The solution set is drastically reduced, and skills like pattern matching and word knowledge become important. It's crucial to get that first letter in the puzzle as soon as possible. Which letter should you guess first?

If you were to say E, Nick will tell you WRONG in a red font and larger than usual letters. He did that to me at least twice. Reportedly, the first letter you need to pick is based entirely on the lenght of the word you're trying to guess -- see handy chart above. Or something. Ah, screw it. Just read Nick's analysis.



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