Drug Inspired Jewellery with Matching Haircuts


Thu, Mar 29th, 2012 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

What caught my attention about this was the above image, but it turns out the hair isn't the selling point. Inspired by drug experiments performed on spiders by NASA, the Aroha Silhouettes has created Molecular Addictions, a series of drug-influenced jewellery. To compliment the pieces, hairstylist Alina Friesen created a unique hairstyle for each model to reflect the "drug of choice."

Everyone has his or her own secret indulgence. Molecular Addictions is a jewellery collection and a concept series where molecules are portrayed in ways that show the addictions we can have to substances. Some of the molecules in the collection are easily accessible and consumed on a daily basis by many whereas others are illicit and taboo, consumed in private or with close friends.



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