How Julie Koepcke Survived an Airplane Crash


Mon, Mar 26th, 2012 02:56 by capnasty NEWS

This article on the BBC is pretty insane. On Christmas Eve in 1971, the airplane Juliane was flying on broke into pieces after it was hit by lightning. She plunged -- strapped to her seat -- for about two miles. She woke up the next morning staring at the tree canopy above her.

The first thought I had was: "I survived an air crash."

I shouted out for my mother in but I only heard the sounds of the jungle. I was completely alone.

I had broken my collarbone and had some deep cuts on my legs but my injuries weren't serious. I realised later that I had ruptured a ligament in my knee but I could walk.

Before the crash, I had spent a year and a half with my parents on their research station only 30 miles away. I learned a lot about life in the rainforest, that it wasn't too dangerous. It's not the green hell that the world always thinks.

I could hear the planes overhead searching for the wreck but it was a very dense forest and I couldn't see them.



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