Canada's Seasons: Winter and Potholes


Fri, Mar 16th, 2012 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Canadian drivers always look forward to spring: that's when you discover that old man winter has left potholes large enough to engulf a small car.

Taxi, the agency responsible for this clever advertising stunt in downtown Montreal, promoted the iPhone app Pothole Season by featuring a car trapped in a gigantic pothole. The app let's you know about potholes and report on new ones. Check out the full gallery of images from paper-plane.

From the French article's (poor) translation into English from Google:

In Quebec, spring heralds the return of good weather, but also heralds the return of pot-holes. This phenomenon of the passage of the rigorous Canadian winters creates many difficulties for motorists. In order to simplify their lives, the agency Taxi has developed a digital tool available as an iPhone application and website for identifying all those holes in the asphalt. To further this commitment and encourage the use of these tools, the agency achieved a PR stunt in the centre of the city of Montreal. The idea, simple but perfectly executed, is to stage a car so hyperbolic undergoing a pot-holes.

Pierre, from paper-plane, kindly granted permission to use the above image.



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