The Best Star Wars Movie You Will Never See


Wed, Mar 14th, 2012 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

When you'll read Slashfilm's Peter Sciretta's review of Topher Grace's 85-minute version of Star Wars' episodes I, II and III, you'll wish you could see it yourself: it features no baby-Vader, barely any Jar Jar Binks and no mention of midichlorians.

Whats most shocking is that with only 85 minutes of footage, Topher was able to completely tell the main narrative of Anakin Skywalker's road from Jedi to the Sith. While I know the missing pieces and could even fill in the blanks in my head as the film raced past, none of those points were really needed. Whats better is that the character motivations are even more clear and identifiable, a real character arc not bogged down by podraces, galactic senates, Jar Jar Binks, politics or most of the needless parts of the Star Wars prequels. It not only clarifies the story, but makes the film a lot more action-packed.

Unfortunately, this cut will never ever be seen by the public and the one-time screeing was only for Topher's close industry friends. I am sad.



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