A Rifle That Shoots Video and Photographs, Not Bullets


Wed, Mar 14th, 2012 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

Gizmag has this article on a dummy rifle that shoots video and photographs rather than bullets. The rifle, called the Kill Shot, could be used to train novice hunters without the use of real ammunition or for those that enjoy tracking down the animal but don't intend to kill it. From the article:

Currently still in the development phase, the Kill Shot would simply be a replica hunting rifle, that takes pictures instead of firing bullets. Users would sneak up on their quarry and get them in the crosshairs as per usual, but pulling the trigger would cause a digital camera - built into the scope - to grab a time- and date-stamped snapshot. That camera could also zoom, and record video.

Images would be saved to a memory card, that would mount in the same location as an ammunition magazine on a real rifle. A USB port would allow users to download their photos or footage onto a computer, where they could be shared with other no-kill hunters.



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