Dollar Shave Club: Probably One of the Best Commercials I've Seen to Date


Wed, Mar 7th, 2012 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

This commercial from Dollar Shave Club is probably the most brilliant piece of advertising I've seen: it's hilarious and to the point. Indeed, why spend over $20 for a meagre packet of four high-tech razor blades when you can get a whole month's worth of shaves for less than $10 a month?

We got tired of spending $15-$20 every time we bought razor blades. We asked ourselves, did we really need all this fancy technology in our shave: a vibrating handle, LED guide-lights, 8-blades, and grip that could steady a 9-iron? The answer was a defiant "No"!

We felt like we'd been over-marketed to. "Big Shave" companies keep telling us we need more expensive equipment, but why? Shaving should be simple. It sure used to be. Look at old photos of your father & grandfather. They didn't have extreme shave gear, and they look pretty handsome, don't they?



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