Trailers for the Best Picture Nominees Trimmed of Everything but the Swearing


Mon, Feb 27th, 2012 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

Website DHRECK has put together nine videos of the Best Picture Oscar nominees that include nothing but profanity. Reportedly, Moneyball has a modest number of swears at circa 44, averaging out to just 0.38 swears/minute.

A few years ago I edited the Oscar nominees for the 'Best Picture' category into swear reels, removing everything except the profanity, and ended up with a few fast bursts of jump cut cursing. The resulting reels were somewhat entertaining and maybe gave a different perspective on the nominees; allowing a movie to be judged solely on how it carries itself in the strange land of the profane; or something deep like that. Yeah. Mostly somewhat entertaining.

Well, time for another go around! I almost didn't make it in time for the ceremony, with twice the movies and all, but I've seemed to have made it with hours to spare!



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