Star Wars Episode VI Retold in Iconoscope


Fri, Feb 17th, 2012 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Wayne Dorrington of the cleverly named I should really get out more blog, has recreated all of Star Wars Episode VI using just icons -- or, if you will, in "iconoscope". Very clever.


At long last, after nearly a year of planning, illustration and design, the final part in the Iconoscope trilogy is complete, like the circle in that bit that Vader mentions when he meets Obi Wan in Episode IV to have a fight.

This was a biggie. The first Iconoscope was a single page of 32 line of icons - but then the story was actually quite simple, when you look at it. For Episode V, It took much longer to design and lay out, running double the length of the original - but there were many more costume changes, and plots that spanned multiple lines.



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