Review of 1993's Premier Bodiless Electrical Serial Killer Movie: Ghost in the Machine


Mon, Feb 6th, 2012 10:00 by capnasty NEWS

A movie trailer is supposed to incite you to watch a movie -- and I don't know if it's my 21st century view of technology -- but the trailer for Ghost in the Machine makes the movie downright awful. Check it out below. Fortunately, awful movies mean hilarious movie reviews and Video Update's review of Ghost in the Machine does not -- unlike the movie -- disappoint.

Some gems:

1993's Ghost in the Machine (also known by the generitastic title: Deadly Terror) has a decent excuse for its Ted Stevens (R-AK) level of understanding the world wide web: Windows 3.1 was brand spanking new when they started production. Unfortunately, the film doesn't have such an excuse is for its similarly poor understanding of microwaves, electricity, magnetism, logic, and reality itself; all of which had been thoroughly researched prior to the early '90s.


Meanwhile, the town is being stalked by a vicious serial murderer known as the "Address Book Killer" because of his tendency to steal address books and then slaughter everyone listed inside. You would think that this would make him relatively easy to catch (just figure out whose book he's got and make with the stake-outs) but apparently the police in this town are total incompetents. He works in a local computer store, where our heroine accidentally forgets her unwieldy address book after receiving a demonstration on how to digitize the information. His next stop: murdertown.



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