Canadian Teens Launch First LEGO Man into Space


Fri, Jan 27th, 2012 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

Bask in some national pride: two Canadian high-school students, Asad Muhammad and Matthew Ho, have successfully sent a LEGO man into space. The figurine, attached to a homemade weather balloon and complete with four cameras, reached a height of 24 kilometres above sea level before returning to earth 97 minutes after launch.

From the article in the Toronto Star:

Their jerry-rigged contraption recorded the Lego man's journey from a soccer pitch in Newmarket to the stratosphere -- high enough to see their two-inch astronaut floating above curvature of our planet, clutching a Canadian flag with the blackness of space behind him.

The project cost $400 and took four months of free Saturdays. It wasn't a school assignment. They just thought it would be cool.



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