Goodbye, Kodak, and Thanks for All the Film


Thu, Jan 19th, 2012 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

In what Bloomberg called "inevitable," the Eastman Kodak Co. -- the company that brought affordable photography to the masses -- has declared bankruptcy. Kodak, says Bloomberg, failed to commercialise on the digital camera -- a device they actually invented. I bet they're feeling really stupid right now.

"Everyone in the 20th century has been familiar with the Kodak name and its products," said Burley of Ryerson's School of Image Arts. "We've not only used them to memorialize our families and their histories, but also for diagnostics in hospitals, producing books and newspapers and police investigative work. And then the whole world of Hollywood is based around Kodak products."

The company also invented the first digital camera in 1975, which it shelved because it would threaten its lucrative film business, Perez said in an interview in March.

The Guardian has put together this gallery of images on Kodak's history.

The above image is from the Wikipedia entry on the Eastman Kodak Co.



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