In Texas, Hundreds of Schoolchildren Appear Before Courts Each Day: Schools With Their Own Police


Thu, Jan 12th, 2012 10:00 by capnasty NEWS

If you think we live in a crazy world, you may actually be right. In the United States, schools are patrolled by armed police officers who routinely arrest students for throwing paper planes or failing to pick up crumbs from the cafeteria's floor. Some are only six-year-old.

Each day, hundreds of schoolchildren appear before courts in Texas charged with offences such as swearing, misbehaving on the school bus or getting in to a punch-up in the playground. Children have been arrested for possessing cigarettes, wearing "inappropriate" clothes and being late for school.

In 2010, the police gave close to 300,000 "Class C misdemeanour" tickets to children as young as six in Texas for offences in and out of school, which result in fines, community service and even prison time. What was once handled with a telling-off by the teacher or a call to parents can now result in arrest and a record that may cost a young person a place in college or a job years later.



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