Key Features: a Text-Based Adventure Game by Andrew Plotkin for MakerBot Industries


Mon, Jan 9th, 2012 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

If you're familiar with text-based dungeon games, you will like Key Features, a game created by Andrew Plotkin for MakerBot Industries.

The adventure begins like this:

You really shouldn't have wandered away from your tour guide. The gleam of glass in a deserted room caught your eye for just a moment... but with that mob of chattering tourists out of sight, the MakerBot facility doesn't seem quite as friendly as it did a moment ago.

Servos hiss behind you -- but that's not the guidebot's cheery mask looming out of the shadows. It's a security bot! You're in trouble now. You duck into the laboratory. Or is it a showroom? Test chamber? You pull the door shut; hopefully you can hide out until the robot has passed.



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