Ungrateful Children Whine on Twitter for Not Getting their iPhone


Thu, Dec 29th, 2011 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

According to this article on TechCrunch, comedy writer Jon Hendren summed up everything that's wrong with Christmas by searching for tweets from the particularly spoiled. For example:

My parents are the worst mother Fucking parents in the world fuck you mom and dad for not getting me a Iphone. FUCK YOU. FML.


Typing this tweet on my computer because I didn't get an iPad for Christmas. Fuck you you fucking fuck Santa!

We are a generation of spoiled rotten motherfuckers.

"I was visiting with my family," says Hendren on the impetus behind his critique. "They'd all gone to bed somewhat early on Christmas Eve night, and I was lying awake playing with Twitter's search function on my iPhone (oddly enough). Nobody I was following was tweeting much of anything at that time, so I didn't feel too bad about flooding my timeline. I think I did about 40 or 50 before people started posting fake tweets, which made it harder to find real ones among the search results, so I cut it off probably around Noon on Christmas morning. There are probably even better real ones among all the fake ones out there by now, but it's too hard to tell."



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